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AIESEC Iasi is organizing an event that is meant to create a connection between students from Iasi and personalities who can become role models for them. This event is called Think and has as main purpose presenting the relevance of volunteering in the context of personal development. Think is an initiative is integrated in the Summer Recruitment campaign. It will take place on Friday, the 24th of June, at Moldova Mall, Red Cinema Room, 6th floor.

This event, Think, will host four speakers from Iasi:

  • Marius Ursache- Chief Creative Officer at Grapefruit.
  • Alecandrina Dinga- Expert in European Founds and the co-founder of Community Foundation.
  • Severin Zanzianu- Founder of Premian, Training and Business Consulting Company
  • Ciprian Ionescu- Founder of September Media, Advertising Agency.

Chair at this event is Paul Stanciu, former AIESEC member.

Think is made in order for the youngsters to establish contact with the concept of volunteering and it’s importance in our society.

The general truth is that extracurricular activities really bring a pozitive change in one’s perception upon the day to day activities and, on the other hand, personal development.

AIESEC encoureges participation, diversity, multiculturalism. Therefore, during this summer the students have the opportunity to practice volunteering abroad. In order to do that, they have to apply for the Summer Recruitment.

If you want to find out more visit the website: .

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